Joining the Rotary Club of Hornby.

So you want to make a real difference?

That’s great!! And thank you for your interest in the Rotary Club of Hornby.

Like you, our members are committed to making positive changes in our community.

The Rotary Club of Horby, chartered in 1962, is a club of 35 men and women who give as much as we receive from life, part of the 1.2 million strong global Rotary community building a better world. Our members come from all walks of life with varied life experience. .

How do we make a difference?

Have a look through the club’s website, starting with the About page, for more information about our current projects and past contributions. Our motto is Service Before Self and we focus on serving our local, national and international communities.

Being a Rotarian will connect you with a diverse group of people who are committed to giving back. The common factor is that we’re passionate about using our skills, experience and networks to make a difference, and we’re prepared to tackle multiple causes in diverse ways – from tree planting, or rolling up our sleeves for a fundraiser, to taking on governance of major national projects.

As well as opportunities for service, developing friendships and networking, becoming a member can help your personal and professional development around leadership, public speaking and communication, organisation and planning, team building, governance, funds management, fundraising and more.

If this all sounds like a lot – well it is! There are few places where you can experience such diverse opportunities for making a contribution to your community and shaping the future.


What can Rotary membership mean for you? The joy of working and socialising with people who are interested in others, is at the heart of Rotary itself.

We expect all our members to apply Rotary’s Four Way Test, measuring everything Rotarians do by the standards of truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and benefit to all.

Make it along to our weekly Wednesday meetings when you can, as these allow you to meet fellow club members, hear interesting speakers, and take along guests.
Participate via service projects, fundraising, and practical contributions.
What matters most is that you connect as your schedule allows. You take out what you put in. We all learn from each other. There will be somebody in the club who will know the answer to your question, be that leadership, public speaking, running meetings or more. There will be meaningful projects that call on your talents and skills.

Reach out to learn more

The club welcomes enquiries and applications from new members, so reach out to us to learn more.

Fill in this form to be contacted with information about upcoming activities. Speak with a club member (if you know one). We welcome potential members at our events, and look forward to any questions you may have about joining.

When you decide to apply, you’ll need two club members to act as your sponsors, and applications are reviewed by the Board and club members. When you join, you will be given active support, plenty of information about opportunities to join in, and a warm welcome to the club. Your name badge and Rotary lapel pin will serve as a passport to Rotary activities around the world.

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