Run successfully for over 20 years, RYLA is a Rotary
“New Generations” service project intended to
develop leadership skills among young adults. It
comprises a 6 day live-in opportunity to participate
in discussions, seminars, activities and interactions
which for many are “life changing”. It is offered to
young women and men between the ages of 18 and
25 from all walks of life who have the potential to
make a difference within their communities.

More than 25,000 young people graduate from
RYLA courses, camps and seminars each year in
many countries around the world. It provides an
environment in which young people develop their
leadership, team-work and communication skills.
Many RYLA graduates refer to the RYLA experience
as “the week that changed my life”.
RYLA helps participants understand the
requirements of many aspects of personal
leadership, community and business.
For young people RYLA offers a unique opportunity
to develop self-confidence and a wide range
of personal skills such as planning, personal
organisation and public speaking that are important
in any leadership role.
For business organisations RYLA offers a unique
opportunity to recognise and develop the
leadership potential they see in their 18-25 year old
For parents RYLA offers an opportunity to actively
develop that leadership potential you see in your
young adult sons and daughters.

1. To bring together young people aged 18-
25 from varied backgrounds who aspire
to leadership and who will benefit from
the programme of seminars, discussions,
activities and interactions during the
6-day course.
2. To provide information, instructions and
experiences on a wide range of subjects
of interest and benefit to the participants,
utilizing appropriate industry and
community leaders and experts as
3. To equip, instruct and encourage
promising young people from differing
backgrounds to better serve their
4. To encourage leadership of young people
by young people.
5. To demonstrate Rotary’s respect and
concern for young people and to expose
them to the Rotary model of service to
the community.
6. To provide participants with a stimulating
and fun experience they will not forget
and that will benefit them well into the

A varied programme is being prepared. It will
include seminars, activities and group discussions.
Although the programme is planned by the
organisers, much of the day-to-day organisation
is carried out by the attendees. A wide range of
topics and presenters is a feature, and high quality
presentations of relevance to leadership are
assured throughout the week.
“Step up to Leadership at home, at work, while
studying and at play”

Self: Who am I? How can I be the
best I can be?
Work: What is expected? How can I
develop the leadership skills to
get ahead?
Community: What is a community? Which
groups do I identify with? How
can I make a difference?
Leadership Aspirations: What do I want to
achieve? How will I accomplish
my goals?